Tax Law
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Tax Law

Serving All Of Orange County

At the heart of most financial matters lie tax issues. Nobody wants to discuss them but everyone knows they are there and need to be addressed. It is the elephant in the boardroom but it doesn’t need to be. Your tax attorney should be able to discuss with you in plain English tax issues, however complex, and help you steer clear of the dangerous pitfalls and perils associated with sloppy tax preparation and planning. David Jones has an L.L.M. in tax from NYU School of Law, the number one tax law school for the past twenty years according to U.S. News & World Report. He knows the tax issues, knows many of the local IRS representatives, knows what steps need to be taken to minimize the tax, and advocates effectively and aggressively for the taxpayer who is often overlooked or dismissed by the IRS. Whether you are involved in an audit, appeal, offer in compromise or tax lien, we will protect your legal rights and represent your best interests before the tax court, IRS or other taxing agency.

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